Genesis 3:15 – The Bible Message In One Verse

Genesis Chapter 3 Verse 15 is one of the first scriptures in the first book of the Holy Bible. This scripture has special importance because it summarizes the overall message of the Bible.

And I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your offspring and her offspring. He will crush your head, and you will strike him in the heel

Genesis Chapter 3 Verse 15 or Ge 3:15

These words of Jehovah God are directed towards a rebellious angel. This angel indirectly stated that God is a liar and that God consciously hides good things from his creation. Through this act, he became “Satan”, which means resister.

“This text [Genesis 3:15] embraces and comprehends within itself everything noble and glorious that is to be found anywhere in the Scriptures.”

Martin Luther

“This is the first gospel sermon that was ever delivered upon the surface of this earth. It was a memorable discourse indeed, with Jehovah himself for the preacher, and the whole human race and the prince of darkness for the audience.”


The message of Genesis 3:15 is not only a judgment message for Satan but also the first time the Bible mentions God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. That is why this scripture is also called the “protoevangelium“.

A Scripture with Deep Meaning

… a shadow of the heavenly things … or … a copy of the reality ….

Heb 8:5, Heb 9:24

Paul explained that the tabernacle in Moses times and the temple in Jerusalem are a “shadow” or “a copy” of a greater “reality” which exists outside the material universe.

Genesis 3:14,15 similarly represents more than just the obvious: The serpent is more than just an animal, the woman more than Eve and the woman’s child is more than just a human.

The 8 Parts of Genesis 3:15

Probably no other scripture could better summarize the main message of the Bible. The Scripture mentions 8 elements which are found all over in the Bible:

Genesis 3:15 Interpretation
1.And IJehovah God
2.will put enmityUniversal Conflict
3.between youSatan
4.and the womanGod’s Symbolic Wife
5.and between your offspringChildren of Satan
6.and her offspring.Jesus Christ and the 144,000
7.He will crush your headThe end of Satan
8.and you will strike him in the heelPersecution of Jesus Christ and his Brothers