Who is the “I” in Genesis 3:15?

When reading the context of Genesis 3:15, the “I” is clearly identified as “Jehovah God”. This is obvious when reading verse 14:

Then Jehovah God said to the serpent …

Ge 3:14

In verse 14 and then in continuation in version 15 Jehovah, explains to the serpent (or Satan), which consequences his actions would bring on himself.

Bible Facts about Jehovah God

  • The Almighty God chose for himself the name “Jehovah” (Is 42:8; Ps 83:18)
  • He is the Creator of the Universe (Ge 1:1; Is 40:26; Heb 3:4) and Humans (Ps 100:3; Ge 1:27)
  • He is the God of Noah (Ge 6:9), Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and later the Israelites
  • He is the Almighty God, who has no beginning and no end (Ps 90:2). Nobody created Jehovah but he created everything.
  • He is the Father (Lu 1:32; Jo 8:54) and God (Jo 20:17) of Jesus Christ
  • He is the God whom Christians and Jews should worship (Mt 4:10; Re 4:11)